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Wątek: In Hot Pursuit [1977][DVDRip][ENG]

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    mh In Hot Pursuit [1977][DVDRip][ENG]

    In Hot Pursuit

    Polk County Pot Plane (1977)
    PG 90 min - Action - August 1977 (USA)

    Life In The Fast Lane

    Director: Jim West
    Writer: Jim Clarke (story)
    Stars: Don Watson, Bobby Watson and Paul Benefield

    Boy, they just don't make them like this one anymore. Thank God for that! This is a pathetically dreary film about a "gang" of drug smugglers and their not-so-funny misadventures as they are hounded by the Georgia State Patrol while first in a beat up camper and then a huge rig. I would guess that at least half of the film is made up of lame chases, which is considerably better than having the acting "leads" on screen for any time at all. The police are portrayed as complete idiots as they have multiple cars unable to derail a camper until a fifteen minute chase has ended - only to have the "gang" break out of prison by a helicopter. The two leads are long-haired non-actors Don Watson and Bobby Watson playing Oosh and Boosh. They are criminals with no redeeming attributes and live to have a joint. The other performers are just as talented with some really bad turns by the likes of James Crews as "Bubble Eye, " Sandy St. Armour as the head of "the Organization, " and in the most ridiculous role we have Jim Whozitt(sometimes credited as Big Jim - c'mmon this is the only film he ever did) as the Pilot. He is flying to Columbia to get 10 million's worth in cocaine and pot and wears the most God-awful sansabelt slacks even for the 70's. This is a bad movie all around and very amateurish, but unlike other inept efforts in film-making - this one is just no fun at all to sit through. It plods on and on, trying to funny in some spots and failing miserably. It fails when it tries to shock a few times as well. This makes the Smokey and the Bandit series almost look like art.

    Don Watson ... Oosh
    Bobby Watson ... Boosh
    Paul Benefield ... Captain
    Randy Mewbourn ... Sergeant
    James Crews ... Bubble Eye
    Paul Weiner ... Joe King (1st Kingpin)
    Sandy St. Armour ... 2nd Kingpin (The Organization)
    Don Pierce ... The Organization
    T.C. Jones ... The Organization
    Jack Hathaway ... Co-Pilot
    Willard Burnam ... Truck Driver
    Jerry Burnam ... Tractor Operator
    Wilona Mills ... Denise
    alph Hamilton ... Harold
    Corabell Hamilton ... Harold's Wife


    STREET DATE...> yyyy.mm.dd ENCODER........> FiCO CREW
    THEATRE DATE..> yyyy.mm.dd RATiNG [iMDb]..> 3.0 (70)
    ViDEO CODEC...> XviD Koepi AUDiO CODEC....> LAME 3.9
    ViDEO BiTRATE.> Avg 1035 kbit/s AUDiO BiTRATE..> 72 kbit/s
    RiP METHOD....> 2-pass ABR MOViE SiZE.....> 702mb
    ASPECT RATiO..> 1.33: 1 DiSKS..........> 50x15mb
    RESOLUTiON....> 576x432 RUNTiME........> 88 min
    GENRE.........> Action
    LANGUAGES.....> English
    SUBTITLES.....> None

    Nazwa pliku: in-hot--pursuit (1977).avi
    Rozmiar Pliku: 702.40 MB
    Rozmiar segmentu: 7.00 MB
    Liczba segmentów: 101
    Liczba mirrorów: 9
    Hasło: www.ufs.pl

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